Pre Prep and Nursery were launched back into Science this week with a visit from the fascinating world of Zoolab.

Zoolab provide live animal handling workshops as the rangers help the children to get up close and personal with real animals.

The children enjoyed the chance to see, touch and handle animals while listening to the ranger’s amazing knowledge and were asking plenty of interesting questions.

We met Drogo the bearded dragon who enjoys the hot habitat of Australia. He can camouflage himself against his rocky habitat which makes him look very unappetising to his predators.

Gary the Giant African Land Snail currently just smaller than a tennis ball as he is only a baby will grow to be the size of a football. We learnt how he likes the much wetter habitat provided by the Rainforest.

What’s venomous, an arachnid with eight legs but is not a spider? It’s Mr Sting of course, the Asian Forest Scorpion. Different scorpions like different habitats. This one was not deadly. It would be like being stung by a bee or a wasp so not pleasant. We looked but we didn’t hold or stroke him. We liked his bluey-green glow that appears at night to attract bugs. Reception were excited and surprised to learn that his exoskeleton means that he is a mini beast, so an interesting addition to their topic.

Tango the American Corn Snake, was finally followed by Frankie and Benny, two adorable mice but only once Tango had been put back in his container as Tango can eat a whole rat which takes him a week to digest before he needs to eat again!

We are very grateful to Mrs Finnigan for organising this visit from Zoolab. We learnt so much and enjoyed the opportunity to handle and observe these fascinating creatures.

Jenny Howerd, Year 2 Teacher