No doubt inspired by the recent weather, Year 6 took to the Stage on Tuesday 12 November to perform their colourful and creative production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest  as part of The Shakespeare School Festival.

The spotlight rose on 3 children  (Ada Cooper, Grace Muir and Matthew Titley) whose own cabin fever was due to the torrential rain keeping them inside.  Their Grandpa (Alfie Morris) soon had them and the audience captivated with his tall tale of travels and tempests out at sea.

We were introduced to Duchess Prospero (Lily Moss) and her magical servant Ariel (Kate Mills) who rose the storm.  The young ensemble brilliantly captured the high drama of a ship caught in a storm at sea through their imaginative use of props, physical theatre and soundscaping.  Washed up on shore it soon became clear that love was destined for Prince Ferdinand (Lewis Southall) when he encountered the delightful Miranda (Ebba Palma).  Meanwhile, there was plenty of murderous intrigue led the cunning Antonio (Alfie Drummond) and of course to a more comedic extent by Caliban (Magne Pederson Kjoelner) who delivered his lines with utmost confidence.  The misdemeanors of him and his new friends Stephano (George Gerring) and Trinculo (Brishen Talbot) were the source of great hilarity.

The ensemble were instrumental in creating the magic and mystery of the show through their professional level of focus throughout.  It was a dazzling production and Year 6 must be congratulated on the energy, enthusiasm and commitment they put into the show.  They embraced the opportunity to perform in a professional theatre and clearly enjoyed the experience.

We were so proud to see them glowing from well earned praise given to them by the theatre professionals at the end of an entertaining evening.

Rebecca Glenny​, Head of Prep Maths