Saturday 12th February saw Year 11 dressed to impressed and with one thing on their mind, to make the most of their time together at their black tie ball AND to party!

With a beautiful winter theme in TA Hall; Year 11 provided the glamour, Warminster’s Catering Team supplied a wonderful supper, Jon Edkins manned the popular pop-up photo booth, and then it was time to hit the dance floor! Year 11 did not disappoint and danced the night away.

Year 11 pupils enthused about their much anticipated event:

Jamie said of the evening, “It was so exciting even just arriving to the TA Hall because we’d all been waiting for this event since we saw the last Year 11 ball happen over two years ago! Then, an hour into the ball, everyone got up on the dance floor and we saw people who you would never expect to dance having the time of their lives! The evening was amazing and we felt free of Covid!”

Liv commented, “It was a lovely evening that allowed us to feel some normality since Year 8 being our last full year in school. The girls in Ivy House had a blast getting ready helping one another to prepare for the evening. We had great conversations while eating a delicious meal that Catering prepared for us, chatting about all the memories we’ve had since some of us have been here since Year 7. After taking loads of photos with Jon the school photographer, we danced the night away which was a memorable night for all of us!”

Joe added, “I don't really know what to say apart from how amazing the night was! The music was great, and everyone had loads of fun! The best thing about it was the photo booth for SURE!” 

And Rosie commented, “It was such a fun evening; it was so nice to actually enjoy a meal and a disco due to Covid postponing many things. It was so lovely to see everyone having so much fun and dancing and seeing the teachers dancing as well, especially Mr Hill!!” 

Head of Sixth Form, Gillian Walmsley summed up the evening, “It was sheer delight to watch my future sixth formers hit the dance floor with care-free abandon and have fun with friends. We must also give a shout out to staff and the catering team for assisting with these back-to-back events for our pupils”.

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