Year 1 visit Avalon Marshes

Year 1 visit Avalon Marshes

Year One have had a very “twitchy” start to 2015 and are looking forward to taking part in the RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch in February. In preparation for this we wrapped up warm and headed off to The RSPB Living Classroom at Avalon Marshes.

The children’s sharp eyes were rewarded with close-up sightings of a wide variety of species. As we walked towards the wetland we spotted birds that may visit our gardens including long tailed tits, blackbirds, blue tits and a very friendly robin. We were so quiet that we were able to creep up and follow behind a grey heron who didn’t even fly away when we were mimicking its walk.

When we arrived at the viewing platform we were amazed to see so many different birds and couldn’t wait to try out our binoculars to get a closer look.  Perhaps the most terrific of all was the striking figure of the cormorant, who put on a real show for us.

The children had a fantastic experience and demonstrated excellent observational skills. I was extremely impressed with their ability to be still and quiet. Now we have honed our birdwatching skills we shall be thinking of ways we can attract more birds to our school grounds ready to get our binoculars out for the Big Schools' Birdwatch next month.

Mrs Rebecca Glenny
Year 1 Teacher