Sharing the hopes of our new Head Girl and Head Boy.

A key strength of Warminster life is the friendships it encourages across year groups and it is always with keen interest that the School community enjoys the opportunity to listen to their new Head Girl and Head Boy as they address them in chapel during the first week of term. 

For our Headmaster, Matt Williams, it was of particular note as he acknowledged the pivotal role Freya Smye and Finn Wallrafen will play within the running of the School over the coming year.  “It has quickly become apparent that our new Heads of School will be excellent role models for our younger community,” commented the Headmaster.  “Indeed, there can be no stronger endorsement of the School’s values than for our pupils to hear them directly from their older counterparts.  It is with enormous pleasure that I look forward to listening to their ideas and plans for what will undoubtedly be an exciting and fulfilling year for them both, and in turn the whole of our Upper Sixth.”

It was with a warm welcome that Finn began his address, reflecting on his journey at the School over the past year, “For me, Warminster is a very special place.  We are all one big community and each and every one of us is accepted for the way he/she is. I myself, have only been here for a year but the School already feels like home to me.  Coming from a German school, the teacher/pupil relationships and the way of interacting with our teachers have made me feel so welcome. In my opinion this is a key factor that creates this special and friendly atmosphere.”  It was particuarly inspiring for some of our younger and newer pupils to hear his honest exchange as Finn went on to say, “Obviously, not everything will be great all the time, you will face challenges and have to make difficult decisions, but with the support you receive from everyone here, you will be able to overcome those obstacles and become more confident in what you are doing.  When I arrived at Warminster last year, I would have never believed that I would stand here today in this church, talking to all of you.”

It was clear that our Head Girl regards friendship as fundamental to her experience at the School. “I have been fortunate to go through my time here, with an incredible group of individuals, each with their own unique personalities. It has been a privilege to learn and grow with them. However, I have also been fortunate enough to get to know people from all across the School, from the Prep School to Old Verlucians, our community of former pupils who continue to support the School once they have left.”

Now in her final year, Freya explained, “With that being said, I wouldn’t have developed those friendships had I not seized each and every opportunity that was presented to me. For example, joining CCF, participating in the various shows and performances put on by the Drama and Music Department each year, as well as taking up two new sports, netball and hockey. All of these opportunities have pushed me completely out of my depth, from playing my very first fixture with the U14’s in year 9 to singing solos at Cabaret. All of these things have helped me to develop as an individual and have made me who I am proud to be today. In addition, they are opportunities that have helped me develop my career path including the Duke of Edinburgh Award and a BTEC level 2 in leadership and personal development in the community.”

They were powerful messages for both old and new pupils, teachers and staff alike. Freya continued, “Warminster is not a school where you sit in a classroom and just learn from a textbook. We are a school that sets challenges, pushing ourselves to get involved, to aspire and to inspire. We are an active school.  For me Warminster is more than just my school, it is somewhere I am proud to be a part of and somewhere I very much consider my home.”

For our Head Boy and Head Girl, their final words were sincere pieces of advice, “Believe in yourself to try out new things, especially the ones that seem scary at first.  Enjoy your time here with good friends around you,” Finn declared.  Whilst Freya concluded, “Get involved. It’s a new year, a new start and a chance to prove not only to everyone else, but to yourself that you can do more than you think.”