On a miserable, rainy Saturday evening in November, it was simply splendid to be transported to a house party in the 1920s, hosted by the eccentrically charming Bliss Family. Or should that read the maddeningly infuriating Bliss Family?

The set was superb with just the right touches of bohemian allure and cosy chintz. One was longing to see the Japanese Bedroom to which so many of the unexpected guests were due to be installed, whether it suited them or not! The costumes and make up were absolutely divine and the entire cast looked heavenly.

Rebecca Pearson’s portrayal of Judith on the Saturday night was wonderful. Her timing and facial expressions, along with her cut-glass accent, were outstanding. I don’t recall seeing this talented young actress perform better. Rebecca was matched by her brother, Ben, playing her reclusive husband, David, whose knowledge of Paris clearly leaves a lot to be desired. Ben was hilarious in the role.

The audience particularly enjoyed the excruciating and very English awkwardness of Phoebe Bolton and Alfie Dackcombe’s encounter in the Drawing Room. Once again, both actors’ timing was superb and Alfie’s diffident meandering about the room, brilliantly executed.

Jacob Browne and Maisie Fogg as the squabbling siblings, Simon and Sorel were very amusing. Simon’s art work certainly caught the eye and he and Maisie had a wonderful rapport.  Their interactions with Honor Petit as the much put-upon maid, Clara, were most amusing. Well done to Honor for inhabiting a minor role with such success.

The final two guests, Alex Maclaren as Sandy and Alice Robinson as Myra, were hilarious. Each of the characters managed to inspire unwanted ardour from members of the Bliss Family which culminated in all the guests sneaking out of the house to escape to London! Pure farce!

Having laughed at the play and the after dinner amusement scene, there is definitely one game that I will not be playing at Christmas this year…the Adverb game!

Many congratulations to Emily Harris and her team for a truly outstanding production.

Reviewed by Susie Parrack

(Review of Saturday night's performance)