We believe that it is our sense of community, mutual support and happy atmosphere that set us apart. Almost everyone who visits us comments on it; it is a vital feature of the School and one that we cherish. It is genuine, authentic and impossible to contrive.

If you saw Warminster School in ITV’s two-part documentary ‘School Swap – the Class Divide’, then you will have had an accurate snapshot of the School. We hope that what came across on television is what we pride ourselves on most – this sense of community and a culture of encouragement and participation in which it’s ok to struggle or even fail sometimes. What matters is how one responds and bounces back. The programme also highlighted our very clear educational philosophy that what happens outside the classroom is every bit as important as what happens inside it.

Warminster is a beautiful school, but schools are not, first and foremost, about buildings and facilities but about people and relationships. We ask all visitors to look to see if people are smiling, do they look happy, what does the interaction between staff and pupils (as well as older and younger pupils) look like? Being part of a community means that everyone has to contribute and play their part: giving as well as receiving.

Pastoral care is the most important aspect of any school: a child who is happy and feels secure, valued and supported can flourish and Warminster is committed to providing such an environment. Every child is part of a small tutor group and the role of the tutor is key: he or she acts as the champion of his or her tutees. Living and learning with each other requires good social skills and we also place strong emphasis on the importance of ‘social learning’: qualities such as tolerance, patience and resilience.

However, many of these things are intangible and very difficult to capture on a website or in a prospectus. So please don’t take our word for it – come and visit to see for yourself. When you are here, ask questions; to the Head, staff, tour guide (a pupil):

  • What sort of child thrives here?
  • How is the School’s educational philosophy developed?
  • How does Warminster develop curiosity, self-confidence and self-esteem?
  • Is the Head visible?
  • What are the teachers like?
  • Why do they enjoy it at Warminster?
  • What do they think are the School’s best features?
  • What are their aspirations?
  • How does the School teach children how to respond to failure?
  • Does the School listen to them?  
  • Is it a friendly school?
  • How are they challenged and pushed?

Please visit us and find out why Warminster is such a special place.