We believe that it is our sense of community, mutual support and happy atmosphere that set us apart. We believe ‘community’ is at the heart of all we do, so much so we redefined exactly what we mean by the word:

Community, noun:

"Individuals and families inextricably linked by or to Warminster School.  Strengthened by a strong sense of belonging, shared interests and common goals. Genuine friendship flourishes, individuality and creativity are nurtured and above all, a generosity of spirit and kindness prevails"

For us that community is not just made of up teachers and pupils, but importantly parents. The WSPA (Warminster School Parents’ Association) put on several high quality and very well attended social events throughout the year and provide a huge level of support when it comes to fundraising and helping the School to thrive. More importantly, however, it fosters a sense of togetherness and common purpose.

Our community is also made up of everyone who lives and works in the School and includes, chefs, domestic assistants, ground staff, maintenance, administrative staff, matrons, the School Nurse and many, many more. It is those colleagues who don’t set foot in classrooms or on sports fields, who make our school what it is. Our latest school video highlights why community is so important for us and why we feel it helps our children to grow, flourish and feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

Our community also extends beyond a pupils’ time at school and we have a thriving alumni network called Old Verlucians (named after Verlucia, the Roman name for Warminster). Once you have been a pupil at Warminster you are forever an OV, and that group helps to support and encourage our pupils long after results day through social events, work experience opportunities and a useful business network.

For us at Warminster we really do believe, as the African proverb states, that it takes a village to raise a child. The strong relationships that exist between our pupils and ALL staff that work at the school create a sense of belonging, where you can be yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. We are a school that is rounded and grounded, where our pupils will wave good morning to the groundsman mowing the rugby pitches and stop and chat to those that cook their lunch. It is feeling a part of this broad community that allows our pupils to have confidence, without arrogance, and to see their role in the world as serving others and looking for opportunities to give back.

Please visit us to find out why Warminster is such a special place.