Your professional development at Warminster School is important to us.

“Being part of a community means that everyone has to contribute and play their part: giving as well as receiving”.

We believe that doesn’t only apply to our pupils, but our staff and us as an employer too. We are committed to providing excellent professional development and leadership programmes for staff. Our staff are committed to the well-being and education of our pupils and we in turn value the part they play within our community.

We have a proactive Professional Development Department dedicated to enthusiastically promote and deliver coaching and mentoring, HR support, CPD, including leadership programmes, for everyone that works at Warminster. Coaching is a growing feature of our development programmes and resource management strategy. For academic staff, a full career training route, including internal training is on offer. Accreditation is available with industry bodies including: HMC, BSA, University of Buckingham and IStip.

Professional development is also available to those in non-teaching roles and is based on the specific need of each individual/job function. The aim is to continually develop and expand on career training for all Warminster roles.

If you would like more information please contact Catherine Wilson, Assistant Head (Professional Development).