Can you believe your ears? We have our own radio station – 1707 Radio.

1707 Radio is an exciting addition to our creative arts co-curricular portfolio and all pupils from Warminster have the opportunity to get involved and man the decks.

1707 Radio is an internet based radio station and listeners can tune in worldwide (great for our international boarding parents) 24 hours a day by accessing and click ‘listen now’. We were delighted to officially launch our station in December 2019, with a very chilled Michael Eavis who declared the station officially open and allowed pupils – Jack, Marcus, Jamie and Will to interview him.

Pupils who have opted for Warminster School Broadcasting Company (during green Zone) have a choice of TV/film, radio or newspaper/magazine, giving our pupils first-hand experience of the world of media and communication. Using the latest technology, pupils can pre-record shows as well as ‘go live’. Nicola Rogers, Assistant Head (Pupil Development) commented “This is such a fantastic opportunity for our pupils. They learn exciting new skills and further develop their confidence. I am grateful to Gill Walmsley and Jeremy Robertson for driving this initiative for our pupils”.

Calling all sponsors! Pupils are now not only devising their own shows but they are also putting together advertising packages. Radio advertising is a great marketing tool and one of the few platforms you cannot scroll past or fast forward, so you have a captive audience. If you want to know more about this exciting opportunity get in touch with Mrs Walmsley or Mr Robertson.