“More than just a school prospectus”

With a wealth of information readily available on our website, exploring innovative and refreshing ways of introducing what we offer to families can at times be challenging. ‘Made in Warminster’ created with the assistance of our loyal and inspirational Old Verlucians (former pupils), helped us to provide an authentic look at Warminster School and not just another glossy school prospectus.

Overwhelmingly, our OV’s talk of a community supported by unparalleled pastoral care providing the space and freedom for pupils to embrace the full spectrum of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. During our research, it became clear that this experience was not just applicable to pupils over the last ten or even twenty years, but reaching back over decades. This special combination of community and opportunity which lies at the very heart of our ethos is deeply embedded in our school culture; it is the very foundation upon which our community is based.

We hope you will enjoy reading and sharing the very personal stories of our OVs which so vividly illustrate the richness and diversity of opportunity that an education at our school offers.

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