House Leadership

Head of Finch: Rebecca Venner

Deputy Head of Finch:

House Identity

Work hard, get involved and be kind.

These three qualities guide the actions, deeds and thoughts of every Finch pupil. When Finch pupils work hard, they set their sights high academically and try to get the most out of each and every lesson. Getting involved means they aim to participate in every aspect of school life, whether that be in house events, sporting fixtures, music concerts or school plays – amongst many other things! We can always be a little kinder, and Finch pupils are encouraged to reflect on how they can go about doing good, not only within our house community, but throughout the whole school.

Finch creates a tight-knit community, one where care, support and guidance are at the core of everything our talented tutor team do. We are the pupils’ biggest champions!

Pupil Leadership

Our House Captain, and Deputy House Captain, are exemplary role models to all pupils in the house, whether that be through taking an assembly, to taking the lead at one of the many house events.

What’s in a name?

Finch House was named after Frances Finch, daughter of Heneage Finch, 3rd Earl of Winchilsea and who was the wife of Thomas Thynne who founded Lord Weymouth’s Grammar School in 1707 to educate local boys including the sons of his Longleat estate workers. There were 23 free places at the School initially, an initiative that still inspires our outreach/community work to this day. Frances was known for getting involved and spent much of her time learning new hobbies and looking after others. She is buried within the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Longbridge Deverill, not far from Warminster.