House Leadership

Head of Arnold: Jonathan Bonnell

Deputy Head of Arnold: Johanna Benn

House Identity

Arnold's motto is 'Innovate, Collaborate and Explore' and we encourage our pupils to use these as guiding principles in every aspect of their school lives. 

Arnold House is the central pillar of our pupils' growth and development throughout their academic career at Warminster School.  The House is run in a way in which the House prefects and all pupils are fully involved in the operation of the House, how we do things and the development of the ethos of the House. 

Pupil leadership

We believe that education has to be pupil focused and centred. Our Arnold House Captain, Deputy House Captain and House Prefects are therefore key members of the House. Their roles open up pupil voice and encourage pupils to have ownership of the House. 

History of Arnold

Thomas Arnold, the historian and great educational reformer, was a pupil at the School from 1803 - 1807. He was later Headmaster of Rugby School from 1828- 1841. One of Warminster School's key buildings for a great range of events, assemblies and performances is titled the Thomas Arnold Hall.