Cool, calm and collected Mrs Deborah Muir leads the Pre-Prep part of the School. Find out all about her. 

For our very youngest pupils, there is a new face calmly settling in to her new role as Head of Pre-Prep. With a teaching career spanning over 24 years, Mrs Deborah Muir brings a wealth of experience to this stimulating role, as well as the energy to keep up with our merry band of 3 and 4 year olds! As a parent of two children here at Warminster School, (Thomas now in Year 10 and Grace in Year 6) it was a happy and welcome career move. “I feel really privileged to be entrusted with such a key position here at the School,” smiles Mrs Muir.  “I could not wish to take over the reins from a more respected and loved member of the teaching community.  Mrs Cross has been instrumental in so many pupils’ lives over the past  20 years and I’m immensely grateful that Mrs Cross is working so closely with me over the hand over period.”

Mrs Muir’s genuine passion and natural affinity with the Warminster teaching environment is clear.  “I remember visiting the School for the first time and instantly felt that positive ‘gut’ reaction – here was a happy and flourishing environment in which both my husband and I believed our children would thrive.” Mrs Muir explains, “Having experienced the genuine family community as a parent over the past 5 years, it’s now truly exciting to contribute to our pupils’ educational journey, and to have the opportunity to shape that journey from such an early age.”

“As Head of Pre-Prep I feel that a key factor for our very young pupils is that they continue to be inspired to achieve their own potential and to take risks in exactly the same way our older pupils are encouraged to, all within the safe and happy parameters of the School’s creative curriculum.  For our busy parents, I know how imperative it is that their drop off and pick up times can be flexible – I remember myself the stress of a last-minute meeting and worrying about getting to pick up on time! Here at Warminster, parents have that reassurance that wrap around care is available.  Our parents are also enormously reassured that their child has had a tasty hot lunch reducing the pressure in the kitchen upon arrival back at home. It’s all the seemingly ‘little’ things, which in reality are ‘big’ things, that I believe we do so well here, especially when it comes to supporting our pupils and their busy families.”

As in all areas of the School, our teachers in the Nursery and Pre-Prep constantly seek to learn, improve and update teaching practices. “One of the many reasons why I was drawn to work here at Warminster was the way it embraces change and opportunity,” continues Mrs Muir.  “Our young pupils receive a personalised learning experience, whether it’s in the playground, exploring Forest School, picking up a musical instrument or singing a nursery rhyme in French! We focus strongly too on the social skills of our pupils, knowing that these are the building blocks of their school life and beyond.  Embedding strong values and life skills at an early age is high on our agenda.”

Good Luck Mrs Muir – we are thrilled you joined the team and look forward to sharing updates and changes to our Pre-Prep department with the Warminster community over this coming year –  there are undoubtedly exciting times ahead!