A delicious smell of baking may have led you to pop your head around the door of the Year 2 classroom this week, where you could well have seen a group of us up to our elbows in flour, while others were adjusting the weight of small bags of sand or creating plasticine weights for doubling and halving.

Our Maths unit required us to decide whether objects were heavier or lighter than one kilogram by feel, to use weighing scales to measure whether objects are heavier or lighter that one kilogram and to estimate and measure the mass of different objects in kilograms and multiples of 100 grams. The most challenging tasks were converting between kilograms and grams and vice versa.

The highlights for all were honing our skills for accurate weighing as we followed recipes to bake cheese straws, chocolate biscuits and bread rolls.

They smelt and tasted delicious………gosh I do love Maths!

Jennifer Howerd, Year 2 Teacher