¡Damos la bienvenida a nuestros amigos españoles!

Our Spanish lanuguage pupils enjoy a week hosting their Spanish counterparts from Zaragoza.

Señora Pilar Garcia, our MFL teaching counterpart from Zaragoza, is almost part of Warminster School’s furniture, so well-known is she now to our school community.  She works tirelessly at her Spanish school “Miguel Servet” in Zaragoza to promote exchange programmes to Warminster.

This time, she brought twelve Year 9 pupils to Wilshire to spend a week with their British peers.  As always, the pupils were super-excited whilst waiting for their Spanish partner pupils to arrive in the carpark. “What should I say?”, “What should I do?”, “Shall I hug them when they get off the bus?!” and many more questions that we at Warminster are used to hearing our pupils ask themselves excitedly!

As ever, all the pupils settled quickly and it was a very successful week, full of laughter and fun. The pupils were all hosted by our local families or by our boarding pupils – by all accounts they had a fantastic time.

They were fortunate enough to go to lessons with their partner pupils and of course also went on the two, by now, traditional trips to Bath and Stonehenge. Apparently, even the weather was better than in Zaragoza!  Mr Sustek was very impressed with how engaged his Year 9 pupils were with their exchange partners.  I think we can all imagine just how excited they are to go to Zaragoza for their return exchange week in March, now only a few weeks away.  ¡No podemos esperar!