An unexpected ‘snow fall’ for our year 11 party goers rounds off a spectacular night

As the ASOS parcels mounted in reception accompanied by a steady stream of Stratton boarding girls excitedly collecting their new purchases, it was clear that a major party was imminent. What better way to unwind after the end of their mock GCSE exams than a celebratory Snow Ball, the major highlight of our year 11’s social calendar.

Even before the snow ‘fell’ it was hard to recognise Thomas Arnold hall.  Instead, our year 11’s were transported to a magical festive playground; tables decked in crisp white linen, silver foliage seemingly hovered resplendent with lights and glitter above the merry party goers and music skillfully delivered from the DJ’s sound decks hidden in the heart of a human sized snowball! Meanwhile, Warminster's popular double act, David Wiltshire and Yellow Balloon Films, were there to capture the evening. Jon, our supremely talented photographer caught endless priceless moments on camera in the VIP photo area – flick to Flickr to see for yourselves! And our intrepid, creative videographer, Mr Yellow Balloon, caught the festive togetherness and elegance on show – check out the Vimeo link below!

Sustained by a truly magnificent Christmas feast laid on by Head Chef, Ashley and our superb catering staff, our festive revellers were never short of energy.  Mrs Rogers, a much loved member of staff, was on hand to support the ‘Mocktail’ bar as it swung into action after the meal, serving ice cold ‘Pina Coladas’ and aptly named ‘1707 Mojitos’ to keep our pupils refreshed. “It was a genuinely memorable night!” she smiles, “Our year 11’s not only looked fabulous in their bow ties, suits and stunning evening dresses but it was lovely to see the dance floor packed until the very last moment, with some impressive dance offs taking centre stage!”

The evening built to fever pitch as song after song drew party goers to the dance floor, wrist bands lit up, arms waved as one, to much loved festive sound tracks.  Finally, the weather forecast of snow came true!  Accompanied by the all familiar opening bars of ‘All I want for Christmas is you’,  snow sprinkled the entire dance floor – no need for coats and scarves, the warmth of friendship shared amongst our pupils was palpable. Merry Christmas year 11 and enjoy a well-earned break over the holidays.