Last month saw the 'Warminster Wannabees'  push themselves out of their comfort zone and into their stretch zone to walk 26.2 miles through the night to raise money for Breast Cancer.

The team, Gill Cross, Sue Fitzgerald, Jo Manship, Sam Rodgerson and Dominique Edwards completed numerous training walks of varying distances and thoroughly enjoyed a 20 mile training walk along the canal in the glorious sunshine one Sunday. This, however, did not set them up for how grueling it would be to walk through the night.

The Moonwalk set off from Clapham Common. The team arrived and made their way to the huge marquee where there was entertainment, food and many ladies and gentlemen walking around in their bras! The atmosphere was bubbling with excitement, apprehension and emotion from lots and lots of differently decorated and costumed entrants.

The first wave of entrants set off just after 10pm, the Warminster Wannbees  were off just after 11pm. It was dark and a little chilly but we were loaded with determination (and Jelly Babies and snacks – lots of snacks!) to walk, walk, walk. Oh, and of course chat (just a little bit!).

Our route was planned and well manned with some lovely volunteers at water stations throughout the course, who all deserve huge thanks for keeping everyone going. We were entertained and encouraged along the route and also from friends and family at home, some of who messaged us throughout the night (we’d like to say thanks to Trish Cambridge-King and Michelle Finnigan for their humorous messaging and Tweets!)

It was a real team effort and we were all there for each other when the going got tough. There were times when the tiredness took over but each and everyone of us bounced back to complete the 26.2 miles and although it was hard it was by no means as hard as the treatment many brave people go through when diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you to all those that sponsored us and if anyone would like to sponsor us now, it’s not too late.

Sam Rodgerson, Prep TA