We were delighted to welcome and host the Walking with The Wounded Team and Support Crew yesterday, on their inspirational journey that will finish at Buckingham palace on 1st November. The Walk started on 22nd August in Scotland and sees six wounded veterans walk over 1,000 miles through mainland UK. The Walk engages with local communities and the media every day to highlight the extraordinary determination of wounded personnel and to raise awareness of the work that WWTW is doing across the country.

The WWTW Team 'boarded'  with us overnight and gave an amazing thought-provoking presentation to a packed Thomas Arnold Hall. The Warminster Military Wives Choir opened the evening with an emotional performance of 'Bring Him Home'Edward Parker, Co-founder and CEO of WWTW introduced his team to the audience and spoke of their determination and courage and said “Despite injury, you can still achieve extraordinary things.”  The Team shared their incredible stories receiving a standing ovation from the audience.

Deputy Headmaster, Rick Clarke commented, We were honoured to host the Walking with the Wounded team at Warminster School during their challenging UK walk. Their presentation was inspirational and genuinely moving; I spoke to pupils and parents afterwards who said they were moved to tears by the individual stories of bravery and suffering from the injured veterans. This was a true lesson for all who heard it about the power of the human spirit and the importance of hope.”

Following a hearty Warminster School breakfast, the veterans went on to continue their journey through Wiltshire and we wish them well on the rest of their expedition.

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