Ivy Matron, Sophie, tells us about her lockdown.

During my lockdown I have had the pleasure of being a volunteer for the Warminster Churches Together Group, delivering prescriptions to Warminster Town residents who have been shielding.

It has been an overwhelmingly positive and humbling experience and I referred to some of the delightful characters that I have met in my last article for Heads-Up!  One of my recent deliveries involved a sprightly octogenarian answering the door dressed in full cocktail regalia looking as though she was going to the Academy Awards. Upon my exclamation at her finery, she confided that she had woken up feeling very glum and had then remembered that I was coming so had decided ‘to make an effort, dear as you are the first human being I have seen for a week!’.  I felt very dowdy in my anorak and jeans in comparison!

Another completely unexpected side effect of this activity, is the discovery of how embedded Warminster School is in our small town community. Two of my new friends are former Warminster teachers, Celia Lane and Elizabeth North, who some of you may remember. Harold Stephens and Marion Barton who are co-ordinating this wonderful effort have both attended retreats at school, in Boniface and Ivy House respectively. However, it is the reaction from all the lovely folk I have met, when I mention my association with our school, that has really impressed me. They have been overwhelmingly positive about us and our contribution to Warminster life. This effort, by so many of our staff members and pupils, over the lockdown period will continue to spread the message that Warminster School has community at its heart and has a special place in Warminster’s history and contemporary culture.

I, for one, feel very lucky to be part of it!

Sophie Saunders, Matron Ivy House