Celebrating our international community

On Tuesday night, 12 November, almost all boarding as well as day international pupils flocked into the Thomas Arnold Hall to take part in the annual Warminster International Community Dinner.

The international community at Warminster is a thriving, multi nationality family. There are numerous events throughout the year and the school celebrates various festival such as Chinese New Year. One of the wonderful events is the annual festival which is held in the library. Last year the theme was traditional costumes around the world where we had fourteen manned stands. It is wonderful to see the pupils wearing their national dress and celebrating their cultures. We also have the annual quiz where there were a total of twelve teams, including two from our visiting schools that come every year and a returning team from Bishopstrow College and first time participants from Prior Park.

“As we were treated to a delicious dinner we enjoyed the company and conversation of pupils and staff from different backgrounds, some of whom we didn’t previously know, including many staff. It was a perfect opportunity to discuss some of the many wide and varied cultural traditions of those present, highlighted by Dr Horler-Underwood’s fantastic talk drawing on so many fascinating aspects of the advantages of living amongst a multinational community.” Oliver Thomson, Year 12 Russia

Eva Sustekova Mudra, EAL Teacher