Highway to the Virtual Green Zone

In the last edition of Heads-Up!, I explained the aims of our ‘Green Zone: it allows the School to work towards our pupils’ personal development objectives by providing a wide range of co-curricular activities that help spiritual and social development, giving opportunities to try new things, take risks and to thrive as internationally minded individuals.

As I said then, whilst we can't be physically together at the moment, it is crucial that these opportunities continue. I asked pupils and staff to suggest some activities for each of the core themes (Physical Health, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Personal Development) – they did not let me down! In fact, I have been overwhelmed by the fantastic, imaginative and creative ideas that have been proposed. Thank you all.

Having sifted through them all, we have put together your 'Virtual Green Zone Programme' see here  so that you can all continue to embrace the wider life of the school as we start the summer term.

I would like pupils to choose an activity from each of the core themes so that they focus on a different one each day. Our Green Zone is normally between 4.00 and 5.00pm each day and pupils can stick to this time if they wish – equally they can choose a different time of the day that suits them better (maybe lunchtime or ‘after school’). Pupils should tick off what they have been doing and keep a log – maybe a video or written diary or blog – and keep myself and their tutors updated on their progress.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about all the fascinating creative, collaborative, physical, communicative and developmental activities that you undertake!

Nicola Rogers​, Assistant Head (Pupil Development), Teacher of French & Spanish