Matches hotly contested at the OV Netball and Hockey day.

On Saturday March 23rd we hosted our 3rd annual Old Verlucian Hockey and Netball day. The first day for our OVs to try out the new Astro turf!

This is a day that is looked forward to by not only the OV’s and the pupils playing in the matches but also the staff and parents of OV’s too. Every year the support at the touchline grows and this has become one of the favourite OV dates in the calendar. What I love about the day is how pupil’s so easily make the transition to OV’s from one year to the next and that the colours that they fly change overnight! As a mum who will next year have an OV in the team and a pupil playing, I am not sure which way my allegiance will swing!

The day consists of netball matches in the morning and hockey matches in the afternoon. Five games in total. The competitiveness of the day doesn’t wane from the 11:00am start to the last match at 4:00pm.

The day is then followed by a wonderful dinner in TA Hall. The pupils that play attend the dinner and get the chance to chat to OVs about their time at the School and also to make connections and friendships. We also had the pleasure of Honorary OV, Maggie Frost who awards the Frost Cup to the victors of the girls hockey match. This year, as it was a draw, the OVs retained the cup.

Huge thanks must go to Zoe Symes (OV10) and Will Hams (OV10) who for 3 years have organised the OV teams. Zoe said, “Thanks to everyone involved in the OV event, it was hugely enjoyable and great to catch up with everyone. Thank you to all the pupils and staff for making us feel so welcome.”

Next year, we are going to add in football and are currently working on a tennis/rounder’s/cricket day followed by a barbecue so watch this space.

Stella Aldridge, Deputy Head of Development & Alumni

Watch all the action – OV Sport Highlights


Colts A v OVs Hockey – Angus Walker, Y10

Saturday was an excellent day of hockey for the whole school against the OV's showing how much everyone has grown and the teams. I am especially proud and pleased of the Colts A team beating a very strong OV team, the hardest match this season after going 2-1 down to come back and win 3-2 is incredible. Talking to some of the OV's after the match like Flo and Will they were amazed how we responded to the more physical side of hockey. Overall it was a great day! Thank you to the sports staff for giving us the opportunity and to everyone for making it possible. 

Lastly the player of the match by far was Luke Howard really keeping us in the game and shocking Josh Haynes (OV17) by picking a drag flick from going top corner but really well done to everyone a great way to end the season, good luck to people staying in Colts next year and to the Year 10's moving into senior hockey for the 1st and 2nd team.

1st VII v OVs Netball – Lucie Brinker, Y13

Another win, but also our last win of the season and last ever match on this side of the match court for some of us.

Once again, there were some great performances, resulting in a final score of 32-19.

The OVs struggled to find a GK and borrowed someone from our second team. Their mid court players hadn’t played in a while but the OV shooters were Tash and Claudia Eeles, both extremely talented (and tall!). Nevertheless, our defence made it their own game and especially Poppy Helm and Annabelle Jackett made numerous superb interceptions, not letting the ball get to the gigantic shooter. Our individual scores went from 8-5 to 19-11 to 29-14 to 32-19, winning every quarter.

The 1st XI Netball team isn’t just a bunch of talented players harmonising well with one another, but also consists of some genuinely nice and hard-working girls. From those that have been Netball fanatics all along, to those who only really play at school, there is so much talent and potential in this team and it is honestly a shame that we only got to play together for one season. 

Warminster 2nd VII v OV Netball – Mia Quick, Y13

In our final game of the season, the current pupils of Warminster School played the Old Verlucians in the final game of the netball season. The OV match always excites the team, and it is the match which everyone looks forward to.

With pleasant weather, the game was played outside, alongside the 1st team. The game started promptly and the OV’s came on strong, determined not to let our ‘youth’ defeat them! Enthusiastic to be back on the netball court with their old classmates, the OVs drove the ball effortlessly up to the attacking circle, where in the first quarter 7 goals were gained by the resilient OV attackers.

However, Warminster did not give up the fight that easily and after the first quarter, swapped positions, and two of Warminster pupils got taken to play for our opposition, the OVs. Despite this, Warminster decided to play their own game and stay determined and strong. With some new, unfamiliar faces to netball playing on court, Anna Payne worked tirelessly as the OVs centre and gave Franzi Bork a tough fight. With Freya Smye and Chrissy in defence, Warminster managed to prevent as many goals as possible from entering the D. However, Mia Quick (playing for the OVs) worked well in a combination with the rest of the team and the OVs gained consecutive goals. Mid-court, Franzi, Olivia Wallis and Charlotte Robinson worked tirelessly to ensure Warminster maintained possession of the ball and made it their goal to work the ball up to Lexi Drake to gain Warminster some more goals.

Warminster fought endlessly until the end of the game, but unfortunately for them, the OVs were undefeated and left feeling thrilled… although slightly tired. The game was amazing fun and I can easily say that everyone started and ended the match with a smile on their faces. It was lovely to meet new people, as well as see some old faces and all contribute in a fun game of netball.

I would like to praise and thank every member of the 2nd VII netball team, it has been a privilege to captain the team for the past two years. But for three members of the team (Franzi Bork, Katherine Caldwell and Mia Quick) it was their last official, Saturday fixture of their school careers as their time at the School comes to an end. Nevertheless, they all look forwards to coming back in the future and playing as OV19.