Titanic yields its untold secrets to our Lower School.

The tragic story of the Titanic is one that never seems to lose its intrigue. The events of that fateful day on April 14th 1912 will forever hold their mystery, but fortunately for our pupils, an afternoon spent with Tim Maltin, respected author, historian, TV presenter, and most exciting of all, parent of two of our own Lower School pupils, will have filled in at least some of these hitherto untold secrets. Having written 3 books on the subject, Mr Maltin is an undisputed expert on The Titanic and our pupils and staff were eager to hear the latest results of his research.

Our lucky Year 5-8 pupils were taken on a sea voyage of discovery from the debunking of popular myths to scientific explorations of the facts and evidence.  Mr Maltin delivered a fascinating insight into his latest book ‘101 Things You Thought You Knew About The Titanic. . . But Didn’t’.  Of particular interest was the photo of Mr Maltin holding the very same violin played by bandleader Wallace Hartley as the magnificent ship sank, and astonishment at the £1,000,000 price tag it recently reached at auction.  With copies kindly donated by the author to both our Prep and Senior School libraries, we feel sure that all of our pupils will enjoy this educational and informative account into this legendary ship and its tragic fate.

Georgia Jukes, Head of Lower School


We are delighted to announce that Tim Maltin will also join us as part of the Thomas Arnold Lecture series on Thursday 3rd October. The lecture will conclude with a Q&A session, time to meet Tim and post-lecture discussions over drinks and canapés.

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