A special Christmas ‘shout out’ for our truly dedicated boarding staff.

All of the boarding houses here at Warminster are greatly enriched by the residential and teaching staff who give up their evenings and weekends to provide a home from home for our boarders.  At Ivy we feel so lucky to receive the constant support of such an inspirational group of staff.  Our girls benefit so much from their presence; especially the opportunity to consult regarding prep, study skills, managing Firefly and any academic query they may be having.

However, the most mutually beneficial and fun part of working in a boarding house has to be providing all the ‘extras’;  Miss Clarke running a dazzling talent show, Miss Spadaccino teaching the girls how to make Tiramasu, Miss Jouhet speaking French while supervising gingerbread house building, Miss Benn playing Uno Extreme, Mrs Clayton hosting Saturday morning crafting sessions, Mrs Finnegan carving pumkins, Mrs Reynolds coordinating Operation Christmas Child, Mrs Garner keeping our CCF girls on their toes, Mrs Langdown taking them ice skating and Miss Croot leading groups to the park…

Then we come to our residential tutors – Miss Gough and Miss Hawkins, both of whom are in the PE department drawing on their skills to run impromptu netball training, fitness sessions in the garden, smoothie making and generally supporting the girls in their day to day fitness and keeping them healthy.  They are ever present in the house and their kindness and care, especially when a child is ill at 3am, is invaluable.

Our truly dedicated domestic staff, Mel and Maisie are also a crucial part of our household and keep this lovely home spic and span! The girls really appreciate their hard work.

To be honest a mere thank you seems inadequate but seeing our girls embracing all these opportunities does make it wonderfully rewarding.  So a VERY SPECIAL MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL from Mrs Crinion, Mrs Saunders and all the girls of Ivy House!

Sophie Saunders, Matron, Ivy House