We are THRILLED to announce the return of the Thomas Arnold Lecture Series. After a long absence, we return with a “bang” with 3 lectures for your pleasure and interest.

All three speakers are Warminster School parents and we are delighted they have kindly given up their time for our series. Stella Aldridge, organiser of the TA Series and Head of Development & Alumni commented, “We so are fortunate to have a huge range of talent and diversity career wise in our parent body and I am thrilled to introduce them. So, book your ticket and come along to further an interest or find out about something totally new!”

Lectures conclude with a Q&A session, time to meet the speaker and post-lecture discussions over drinks and canapés.

If you have a suggestion or would also like to volunteer to speak as part of this programme, please contact Stella.

Lectures are held at 7.30pm, in the Thomas Arnold Hall, are free and booking is essential to secure a place.

Please add the dates to your diary!

  • 23 September 2021, Mark Riley-Pitt, Government Special Advisor, Director Clinical Risk Management and Safety of Private Midwives UK
  • 4 November 2021, Dr Cat Jarman, Wiltshire archaeologist, author and broadcaster
  • 24 March 2022, Minette Batters, NFU President

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We are kicking off with something completely different to get you back into the idea of going out and attending events back here at Warminster.

We are delighted to welcome Mark Riley-Pitt for “an audience with” evening.

Mark is a man of many talents –  he works in Clinical Risk Management –  the education and learning from when it goes wrong. He is also Director Clinical Risk Management and Safety of Private Midwives UK. Mark has advised various Government bodies such as, Dept of Health and Ministry of Justice, sitting on specially convened panels and industry sector groups to advise on clinical risk and indemnity, within the UK healthcare environment and similar healthcare economies across Europe.

Have you ever thought, Is the health care system broken? How do we compare to the rest of the world when it comes to healthcare? Do we ask to much of healthcare professionals or not enough? Have we made errors in how we have managed the pandemic? What will the score card say about the UK? Nil points? How do I create a job? What will make me stand out from the rest? Did I make the right choice of vocational degree? Or was I sold a pup?

Mark is a lawyer and special adviser to the government as well as a managing director of a financial services firm in the city and a director and co-owner of a midwifery business providing home births across the UK and Ireland.

Given Mark's varied background, we are going to do something different, and pose a dozen different questions to Mark, and let him respond in his own way – no script, no warm-up, just raw and off the cuff!