OLD VERLUCIAN: A former pupil of Warminster School. Taken from the Roman word for Warminster, Verlucia. Affectionately know as an 'OV'.

Whenever you attended Warminster School there are now many ways to be involved today. Meet with old friends at an OV reunion or dinner, enjoy the camaraderie and networking at a drinks reception, take part in OV sport or simply come back for a visit. As an OV you are always welcome at Warminster.

We are also keen to help OVs keep in touch with each other, build up networks and encourage more OV events, either at the School or elsewhere. If you would be interested or have a suggestion for an event please get in touch we would be delighted to hear from you. 

We would not have been able to create our prospectus, 'Made in Warminster'  without the help of our loyal and inspirational Old Verlucians. OV’s talk of a community supported by unparalleled pastoral care providing the space and freedom for pupils to embrace opportunities. This special combination of community and opportunity which lies at the very heart of our ethos is deeply embedded in our school culture; it is the very foundation upon which our community and OV network is based. 

Stella Aldridge, Head of Development & Alumni

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