Generations of pupils have benefited from the education provided at Warminster School.

The television programme ‘School Swap’  underlined the enormous advantages that boys and girls obtain from the special environment created by the Warminster community, both by the staff and the pupils themselves.

However, education such as that provided at Warminster comes at a cost and the Headmaster and the Governors are determined to enable the School to offer as many places as possible to deserving children on a needs-blinds basis, in other words, by providing financial support to those who would otherwise be unable to afford the fees. Unlike many schools, Warminster has no endowment funds to call on.

That support therefore has to be found out of fee income, and the generosity of donors who share the vision of a school which is able to make a real contribution to the community. I hope that your experience at the School was such that you would like to play a part in making this vision a reality.

Ian McComas, Chair of Governors