Here at Warminster we are proud of our tradition of offering means-tested bursaries to children who we know will thrive here; however, we do need the means to continue this good work and safeguard this principle for future generations.

Your support is essential to help us widen access and enable pupils to come to Warminster who for financial reasons could not otherwise do so. It also helps pupils to remain at Warminster in the event of an unforeseen change in family circumstances. Our aim is to fund these places through charitable giving and maximise the Gift Aid we can apply to make the most of tax efficient donations.

Warminster School was established by Lord Weymouth in 1707 as a ‘free school’, with up to twenty free places for the boys of the Longleat Estate workers. The School has as a long-term goal the ability to offer up to 100% financial support to a number of children who would benefit from the education the School offers, but could not otherwise afford to come. This benefit might be primarily academic, but might also be in terms of pastoral care, social learning, character development or the co-curricular (music, sport, drama).

There are several pupils currently at the School who benefit from this bursarial support, but we are keen to support more. We believe that independent schools have a responsibility to promote and support social mobility and to help bridge the social divide. It is undoubtedly in the interest of all of us to do this, not just from a moral, political and social perspective, but also from a business and national perspective.

The School would like to echo the sentiments of its founders and establish a fund that allows us to provide financial support on a needs-blind basis for pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds, who would benefit from a Warminster education. This move, in support of social mobility, while enriching the School, is very much in keeping with the School’s values.

If you would like further info please contact Stella Aldridge