The Drama Department are very excited about their next production to be staged later this term.

They are fortunate to have been given Rupert Goold's new stage adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,  CS Lewis's tale of four children who discover the enchanted land of Narnia on the other side of an old wardrobe. 

School grounds will be transformed into Narnia and the performance will take place in a big top tent. With a magnificent looking Aslan and a cast of over 40 pupils, it will be a real experience for the audience.

A story about transformation, seasonal as well as spiritual, it seems fitting that this will be played in the summer. The White Witch’s rule over Narnia is marked by a permanent, joyless winter, and running through the story is a longing for spring, warmth and new growth. Her magic begins to wane as the terrifying magnificence of the great lion, Aslan, is brought into presence.

Puppetry and live performance specialists Pickled Image  were selected to help with the job of bringing the regal Aslan to life. Since its inception, Pickled Image  has gained international recognition and numerous awards for their darkly humorous visual productions.  Dik Downey, Company Director at Pickled Image  visited Warminster to workshop the magnificent looking Aslan and make some minor adjustments. Following the workshop, pupil Tommy Parks, one of the puppeteers for Aslan said, “I really enjoyed it, he is very light.”  As an experienced and highly talented designer and puppet maker, Dik has created all of the company’s most striking puppets.

Talking about her vision for this year’s epic production, Head of Drama, Emily Harris said “This is an exciting production, with the magic of Narnia and the opportunity to perform in a completely different way. Rehearsals are going well and our actors have been challenged to think about performing in the round. This adaptation creates a sense of pace and Lewis' story is both raw and accessible.”

Playing in the round means an actor has to be mindful of positioning and movement has to be fluid, as one needs to shift constantly so the audience can see the action. This will be a rather interesting experience with a four metre long beast! During the Pickled Image  workshop, Alsan looked splendid as he padded around the space carefully planting his paws and interacting with the Pevensie children and the Beavers. With a great cast and fantastic props, we look forward to this magical performance which promises to be a delightful showstopper!

Tickets are available for 9 & 10 June – please contact Hannah Vickers to book.

*Grounds open for picnics from 5.30pm prior to the performance, weather permitting.