We just wanted to say

Warminster School prides itself on its community and wider community. In these unchartered waters, it is reassuring to see that is still holding fast. Huw Jones shares a snapshot of a few of the messages of support we have received.

“I wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support we have received over the past few weeks. School staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure continuation of education and support; knowing their care and emotional investment is recognised and appreciated by pupils and parents provides great solace and stokes an even greater desire to ensure the community continues to thrive despite the challenges we are all facing.”

Here are some of the heart-warming messages we have received over this last challenging week.  Thank you for sharing them with us – they mean so much to our entire staff body.

“Can I just take this moment to thank ALL staff at Warminster school for all their efforts during these difficult times – the dedication and especially communication has really been exemplary and I cannot praise the school highly enough.”

“May I also take this opportunity to mention, that I find that the School´s handling of the crisis is very professional and as a parent, I felt well informed at all times. Therefore, well done and thank you.”

”We would like to thank you for the continuous information and updates. We realise these are difficult and uncertain times for everyone and that some decisions are very difficult to take. We appreciate your efforts to keep us informed and we hope this situation will soon be over. “

“Mainly I would like to thank you very much for all your efforts in these struggling times due to the Corona situation, to find a good solution for your pupils and the whole school community. Thank you for your clear and quick information in these unclear times.”

“Given all of the recent turbulence, I just wanted to offer my personal thanks to you for the excellent way in which you have communicated with parents over recent weeks. I am in absolutely no doubt that for you, and indeed all of the staff at Warminster, this has been a fraught time. And we’re not through it yet. But the timeliness and clarity of your communications has been absolutely spot-on, in my humble view. Well done to you and the team!”

“The film message for pupils was fantastic. Such a lovely surprise, what a special, special community, thank you to all the staff. Only wish there had been a mascara warning!”

In addition, we have as a community donated all our fresh food to the wider community in Warminster. 

“We just thought that you and your team would like to know that the food you sent over has all been delivered to households to help them 'stay indoors and stay safe' 9 households had deliveries yesterday, and 12 today. Thank you for all you've done. Blessings.” Jenny, Warminster Churches Together Helpline

Watch our films below – Some familiar Warminster faces wanted to say a few words to pupils and provide advice. We think they might just be missing our pupils a little bit!

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