Tate Modern art trip

Tate Modern art trip

The current Sixth Form Art and Photography pupils visited London to engage with the artwork displays at Tate Modern. The pupils had recently been given their titles for their controlled assignment and this trip was the perfect opportunity for the pupils to study, analyse and engage with artworks that were directly associated with their chosen title.

They had the opportunity to view the collection displays in Tate Modern which focus on one of the pivotal moments of twentieth-century art, including: poetry and dream; energy and process; structure and clarity. They viewed a diverse range of work that included paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, photography and video installations.

In addition, the pupils had the chance to walk along the South Bank and take photographs in response to their chosen titles. The titles included: relationships; flaws and perfections; passage, track, and station.

All the pupils will now reflect on the trip and produce practical and written work based upon the visit for their A2 and AS Level controlled assignment. The trip was enjoyed by all and the department and pupils are now excitied about creating some fantastic art work.

Christopher Kemble
Teacher of Art and Photography