Summer Showcase

Summer Showcase

Last month the Drama Department held their annual Summer Showcase. The evening highligheted the high level of practical work produced by the A Level and GCSE Drama groups.

The GCSE group opened the show with their darkly entertaining scripted piece which paved the way for the high standards of work shown to parents, pupils and staff throughout the evening.

Having already achieved excellent grades for their work, the A Level groups were free to enjoy their performances; for some of them, this would be their final appearance on stage at Warminster.

We are extremely proud of all of the pupils involved, the hard work they have put in to devising their pieces and the brilliant grades they have already achieved.

Miss Annabel Hooper
Head of Drama


The Ash Girl
James Caldwell, Sabie Drake, Jamie Glennard-Cade, Elspeth Todd, Anastasiia Kulachenkova, Anneka Hart, Josie Drake and Phoenix Gibb

This group chose an extract from The Ash Girl written by Timberlake Wertenbaker. The Ash Girl puts a darker twist on the original fairy-tale Cinderella. The group focused on the spectrum of wacky, sinister, grotesque and endearing characters to excite and intrigue the audience. The group used multi-role playing and physical theatre to bring this mysterious fantasy world to life.

Hansel and Gretel
Ben Higgens, Thea Kennedy, Max Trusler, Tuana Yasemin and Ryan Lee

This group selected an extract from Hansel and Gretel. Cornish theatre company Kneehigh originally brought this folk story to life in 2009. Kneehigh’s reimagining of this classic story creates a world of darkness, wit, wonder, of earthly delights and crooked shadows. The group worked in Kneehigh’s style using live music, puppetry and dark humour to create an entertaining, fast paced and twisted journey in to the forest.

Sophia Cheung, Emily Watson and Kathryn Rush

This group selected extracts from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, focusing on the characters of the three witches. They chose to update this famous play, placing the three witches in a modern context. The group chose to work in the style of Frantic Assembly, a physical theatre company. This group recreated their imaginative and dynamic style to combine movement, design, music and text.

Elementary, My Dear Watson!
Will Pratt, Marie-Claire Wood, Tommy Morgan, Maggie Ng and Tash Ross

The A2 group worked in the style of creative adaptation where they took an existing piece of literature and adapted it in a new and original way. The pupils adapted one of the Sherlock Holmes stories The Five Orange Pips written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They reimagined the original text by making the character of Dr John Watson the protagonist, rather than the famous detective Sherlock. The performers used physical theatre, multi-role playing and exaggerated characterisations to engage and entertain the audience.