Super heroes don't always wear capes…

As our Headmaster is often heard saying, community is strong here at Warminster. Even more so in these strange and worrying times. But, as ever, our community shines through. Simon Rossiter, Head of DT and Trish Cambridge-King, Prep School Nurse are just two perfect examples of this.  

“The PPE visors I have been making with my family using the School's 3D printer are helping NHS staff locally. A company from the Czech Republic, Prusa i3, developed a design for a 3D printable headband to which a clear plastic visor and elasticated band can be added. As soon as I heard about this I thought this was something I could do to help with the NHS PPE situation. The 3D printer has been chuntering away day and night producing the headbands, and I have enlisted in my children in the efforts to cut the visors and elastic to fit and to ensure everything is sterilised ready for delivery to the NHS. Sam Young, our school nurse is helping out at the Avenue Surgery in Warminster and is delivering visors in batches each week. The pictures show the latest batch finished, cleaned and ready to go, and what the file looks like in the virtual world.” 

Simon Rossiter, Head of DT, Head of Life Skills, FPQ Centre Co‑ordinator 

“As I'm not in a position to work on the frontline as a nurse, I wanted to contribute in some way and do something useful. I joined the Warminster Action Group and started by delivering 1000 leaflets giving details of support for our community.  I then read about the Scrub Hub, a nationwide group of people who sew and provide scrubs, hats and laundry bags to frontline workers free of charge. As I sew and have the time, I started turning unwanted duvet covers into scrubs and pillow cases into laundry bags these have all been gratefully received. Having exhausted my supply of material I put a plea out to Warminster School staff and have been inundated with donations, enough to keep me going for a while! In a tiny way I am helping and am eternally grateful to all those frontline carers and key workers who are working so hard in such difficult times.”

Patricia Cambridge‑King, School Nurse