After last year’s successful attempt of the Longleat 10k and 2m, a group of Stratton girls and residential members of staff have done it again this year! This event is now turning into a permanent fixture in Stratton’s yearly calendar.

Rosa Velten and Miss Mitterrutzner took part last year, but tried to keep quiet about the numerous hills involved… in the end, nine members of Stratton House had signed up to run the 10k or 2m race at Longleat on Sunday 5 February – for quite a few of them, this was the first ever running event they had been involved in.

It was an early start for the Stratton runners. After a healthy breakfast they were ready for the 10am start. Sasha Berdnikova, Lucie Brinker, Amelie von Borries and Miss Mitterrutzner had decided to run the 10k, whilst Claudia Eeles, Layla Lanni, Jara Torrego Perez, Rosa Velten and Miss Manship mastered the 2m.

Whilst on the way from the car park to the starting line, staff heard comments such as “Why am I doing this – I don’t even LIKE running!”  however, this feeling was soon forgotten, and the buzz around the starting line was contagious. No matter whether you tackled the 2m or the 10k race, all agreed that crossing the finish line, especially cheered on by the Stratton girls who had finished the course already, was a great feeling.

This year, the girls collected money for “Steps”, a charity that helps people whose lives have been affected by childhood lower limb conditions. They managed to raise a sizeable sum – thank you to all Stratton girls who donated.

The girls who participated were not necessarily the ones who get the best times at events such as the Cross Country run; they might not even be keen runners – but they have decided to face the challenge of trying something new, leave their comfort zone and give their very best during the preparation period and the race.

Rosa Velten said about the run: “Running with the other Stratton girls enabled me to get to know the others better. I am proud to say that I was part of such a big event with a wide range of runners.” 

Lucie Brinker and Amelie von Borries commented: “We went to Longleat with the expectation to run with a few hundred others and were completely surprised and amazed when we saw the thousands of other participants of mixed abilities and ages.”

We hope that we will have a group of equally enthusiastic and committed runners next year!

Miss Mitterrutzner, Stratton House Tutor