The Spotlight shines on Toby Osborn, our creative and fun-loving School Videographer & Digital Content Creator.

Toby lives in Bradford on Avon with his lovely wife Cerys. He grew up in a tiny Oxfordshire village, and from the moment he could hold a camera, Toby knew that his destiny was to capture the world through his lens. When he wasn’t busy with schoolwork, he would spend every waking moment chasing his dreams alongside his adventurous friends, creating hilarious and action-packed movies. Toby enjoyed school for the social aspect (being an outgoing and friendly person) but slightly struggled academically and didn’t get the creative opportunities he craved. However, all that changed whilst working at Warner Bros Studios in the Special FX department, on the Hollywood film ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’. Toby continued his passion for filmmaking, and studied Music, Film and TV and loved the practical projects, always wanting to take charge in every facet of production. He became a sought-after freelance videographer and editor, capturing precious moments for clients with his artistic eye.

Toby, a fan of fast-paced moments and excitement, faced the challenge of moving house, joyously exchanging vows with his lovely wife Cerys, and embarking on a brand new job at Warminster, all in the space of a couple of weeks!  Now, Toby enjoys bringing his unique brand of creativity, a touch of magic and enthusiasm to every Warminster project and will celebrate his marriage properly with a belated honeymoon later this year, probably during a school holiday!

How long have you worked at Warminster?

7 fun months.

Describe a typical Warminster day for you?

Working with the Marketing & Admissions Team in a busy and fun environment, there is always something happening. My main responsibilities involve creating social media posts and stories for the week, covering various aspects of senior and prep, including lessons, sports events, OV events, and Green Zone and EDGE activities.  Additionally, I spend time editing footage and also assist different departments in setting up their social media profiles and guide them on how to optimise their presence on Instagram. The best part of my job is that every day and every week is different. I get to experience a variety of activities, and this keeps things interesting and enjoyable. It’s truly a pleasure to be part of such a dynamic and ever-changing work environment.

What do you think makes Warminster a special place to live and learn?

The first thing I noticed about the School was the warm welcome I received from all staff and also seeing how the pupils encourage and support each other. It’s a place that radiates joy and community.  An added bonus is working somewhere that provides AMAZING lunches not just for pupils but for staff too, it’s one less thing to organise in the morning!

What first attracted you to work at Warminster?

A friend sent the job advert for Warminster’s first in-house Videographer & Digitial Content Creator texting, “you’d be perfect for this role!” After reading the job description I was amazed how perfect the role felt for me.

What are the benefits of social media?

Most social media can be hugely positive. It allows for direct visual communication, it’s a great outlet for creativity, self-expression, educational opportunities and career information with the likes of LinkedIn. I believe our social media accounts allow current and potential families, friends, OVs from across the world, and our local community to stay up to date with day-to-day activities and community. It’s also a channel for pupils to post about what they are passionate about – I love seeing pupil accounts, from the professional looking football account with their team banter, the creative U16 Girls Hockey to the fun Debating Team Insta.

Favourite hashtag?

Obviously it has to be #communityofopportunity!

What has been your favourite school event to capture and edit so far?

The Christmas East 1707 feature. We were thrilled so many staff and pupils wanted to take part. Equally, I am looking forward to filming Cabaret, Speech Day and the grounds in the summer months.

What would surprise us about you?

Probably two things. I trained as a youth community outreach worker whilst studying Theology and people sometimes mistake me for a Sixth Former as I’m quite a young looking 26-year-old!

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Hollywood stuntman.

What did your school reports say about you?

“Toby doesn’t focus in lessons, he’s always distracting others with jokes, and often mindlessly dreaming about directing the next Hollywood blockbuster…”

Your note/advice to teenage self?

Stop worrying about what other people think of you and remember everybody makes mistakes.

Your mantra/motto or favourite quote?

“’I don’t need easy. I just need possible.”– Bethany Hamilton

 Any hidden ambitions still to achieve?

Learn to play the piano. I was blown away by the recent Scholars’ Recital Evening – it reminds you about those long-lost ambitions or perhaps something you might just be interested in trying.

A favourite possession you would save from a fire?

It’s hard to narrow down to a single item, but it would probably be my laptop which contains my essential work, but also friends and family photographs, videos, and other special memories.

Biggest bugbear?

Bad time management.

Favourite musician/group?

Picture This.

Guilty pleasure?

I’m a sucker for 80’s rom coms with a side of custard creams.

What is your MasterChef signature dish?

(First dish I ever made) Carbonara Sausage Pasta.

Favourite TV programme?

The Office.

Last book you read?

I hate to admit it, but I rarely read books, but the last one I read was Artemis Fowl.

Last movie watched?

Rogue one – A Star Wars Story.

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?

Growing up I was (and still am) the biggest spiderman fan! So it would probably be Tom Holland.

Favourite tipple?

Iced Caramel Latte.

Favorite place/city in the world and why?

The City of Bath will always hold special memories for me, living there for 3 years, and a very significant time in my life. Plus, it’s such a picturesque city. We are so lucky to have it on our doorstep.

Why should we follow the School Instagram account?

It’s a brilliant space to celebrate our pupils’ proud achievements. It gives a sneaky-peak into some of the lessons, House competitions, boarding life, highlights school and community events and it’s a platform to create a visual representation showcasing what makes Warminster School such an encouraging and supportive community. If you are not following – why not!? @warminsterschool