The spotlight turns to Simon Rossiter – our organised, creative, Pink Floyd-loving Head of DT and Head of Lower School.

Born in West Germany, Simon is the son of a retired Army Colonel and school teacher. He is the eldest of six children and attended boarding school at Douai Abbey near Reading. He is married to Jenny and has three children. Simon has a degree in Quantity Surveying and worked in London as a full time residential youth worker. He has a Masters in Technology Education with a specialism in Smart and Modern Materials and has been teaching since 1997. He loves colourful ties and keeping our Lower School in shape.

How long have you worked at Warminster?

Two years.

What’s the best thing about your role?

The best thing about my two roles is that every day is different. It is not possible to get bored and, as the saying goes, find a job you enjoy and you will never have to work a day in your life!

Describe a typical day?

As a Head of Department a day can be quite predictable knowing when lessons and meetings will take place. However, life as a Head of School is much less predictable as I often have to respond to situations that arise with little warning!

What do you think makes Warminster a special place to live and learn?

I am always impressed with how positive people are. The excellent food helps too! Warminster as a town is a great place to live because it is rural enough to enable quick and easy escape, but close enough to cities to enjoy all the benefits that offers.

What would surprise us about you?

I am a published poet!

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

A father.

What did your school reports say?

Simon could try harder!

Your note/advice to teenage self?

Ride your bike more, you could be quite good at it.

Biggest bugbear?

Misplaced arrogance and incompetence.

Favourite band/group or artist?

Pink Floyd.

Guilty pleasure?

Dungeons and Dragons.

If you were on Masterchef what would your signature dish be?


Most treasured possession?

Easy – my bikes!

Last book you read?

The Long Utopia  by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

Last movie watched?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Favourite tipple?

30 year old Benedictine from my grandfather.

Favorite place/city in the world and why?

“A man could lose himself in London”  (‘Billy Liar’, Keith Waterhouse)

Twitter or Facebook?

Neither, life is too short, I’d rather meet people face to face.