The Spotlight shines on our very own charity trekker rock-chick, Fees Accountant, Jacky Page.

Jacky moved to the West Country with her family when she was around six years old. She was schooled at Dauntsey’s followed by University in Manchester. She worked at an import/export book company after university and ‘fell into’ accounts as she was the youngest member of staff and the only one who knew anything about computers, so was given the task of setting up a new invoicing system on the green screen MS-DOS system they had just invested in!  Jacky started working at Warminster in 2001 and instantly felt ‘at home’. She has one daughter, Tash, an Old Verlucian, who has recently graduated from university. She has a passion for anything theatre, stage management and live music.

How long have you worked at Warminster?

Seventeen years.

What’s the best thing about your role?

Working alongside such inspiring teachers and dedicated support staff in such lovely surroundings. I also like the contact I have with parents and pupils as part of my role – it makes the job more ‘human’, rather than just the number-crunching that other accounts roles involve.

Describe a typical day?

We generally hit the ground running every day in the accounts department, and I will spend the early part of any day answering internal and external emails before looking at account reconciliations and billing issues. Around this, I would also deal with staff and parent queries on various topics. No two days are alike – always something to keep me on my toes!

What do you think makes Warminster a special place to live and learn?

There is such a great feeling of community here – staff and pupils alike are friendly and caring towards each other and everybody inspires everybody else to be the best they can be in all aspects of life.

What would surprise us about you?

I have trekked on the Great Wall of China and across Iceland as well as up a mountain in Morocco, and will be trekking in southern India in November. I also regularly walk marathon distances for charity and  ‘just for fun’ – the next is an overnight marathon in London in July, for cancer charities.

Where did your passion for theatre come from?

My late mother always acted and my father sings and acts, so I have been around theatres from a very early age – I was actually on stage before I was born! I virtually grew up at the Athenaeum here in Warminster. I am now a Trustee at the theatre, as well as working with all three resident theatre companies and stage managing some Warminster productions.

What do you love most about helping back stage at Warminster productions?

I love working backstage at Warminster because it allows me to see how different directors work and gives me contact with the pupils – it is wonderful to see how they grow in ability and courage on stage as they progress through school. I recently bumped into an Old Verlucian who left in 2008 and he still had such fond and vivid memories of the shows we did together so many years ago.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

A nurse. I lived near Watford General Hospital as a child and thought the nurses walking in and out of work looked so glamorous in their capes and frilly hats…. My aunt made me a replica uniform when I was four or five – I wore it constantly and thought I looked the bees knees in it…

What did your school reports say about you?

Too chatty in class was a recurring theme….

Your note/advice to teenage self?

Don’t worry about and overthink the future – everything will always be alright in the end.

Your mantra/motto or preferred quote?

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”  Christopher Robin to Pooh – wise words indeed.

A favourite possession you would save from a fire?

I would save my personal recipe folder that I have built up over many years. As well as containing loads of recipes it serves as a kind of journal of my life through cooking – from the very simple to the extremely elaborate, some recipes were handed down to me, others have seen me through poor student days and feasts with friends; so many memories. My daughter has already requested that I include it in my will to her, as a piece of family history.

Biggest bugbear?

People with closed minds. There is always something to be learned, and listening to others views and ideas (whether or not you agree with them) is important.

Favourite musician/group?

Too many to choose from, but bands I particularly like to see live are We Are Scientists and Coldplay.  Music and particularly live gigs are another passion; I travel the length and breadth of the country to see my favourite bands. I like indie music the most, but I am also a bit of a “rock-chick” at heart – I am really looking forward to seeing Kasabian and Foo Fighters later this month.

Guilty pleasure?

Jelly sweets.

If you were on Masterchef what would your signature dish be?

Thai Green Vegetable curry – a firm favourite.

Last book you read?

The Girl Before  by J P Delaney – This is not my usual genre of books, but it was recommended by a friend and I tried it out. Glad I did, because it is similar to Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train, both of which I loved. I think it is important to regularly try new things – it is too easy to get stuck on one path and there is so much out there to explore.

Last movie watched?

Deadpool 2. I am not usually a fan of the Marvel/DC films, but after my partner persuaded (tricked) me into seeing the first one as a Valentine’s ‘treat’, I couldn’t wait to see the sequel. Very funny, in a tongue-in-cheek way, and starring Ryan Reynolds. What’s not to like..?

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?

Marisa Tomei. A much underrated actress who has been in some great films and television series over the years. My other choice would have been Sandra Bullock, but apparently she is busy playing Mrs Kennett and taking our registers …

Favourite tipple?

Gin and Tonic or Earl Grey tea.

Favourite place/city in the world and why?

New York. I have visited four times and for different reasons have had the most fantastic time each time. The city that never sleeps is also constantly changing, so there is always something new to see or do. I also have a particular fondness for Hong Kong, not least because my brother, his wife and my two gorgeous nieces live there.

Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook, but Instagram is my preferred social media platform – a picture says a thousand words and all that…