Beginning with Prep sport, we played against Paragon Prep, Heywood Prep, Stonar, Clayesmore, Port Regis and an U9 festival for hockey and netball at All Hallows.

On the senior side we will start with badminton.  As part of the local league we continue to clock up wins against other clubs and this week Devizes and Mid Wilts were beaten by our  Warminster team.  Players of the matches were Kelvin Ching and Cian Luk

Football was more encouraging for the 1st XI with Mr Denny commenting on how well the boys worked for each other, losing narrowly by one goal.  An improvement on last week.

Netball had a great weekend and the U12B team are still unbeaten. The U12A however, had a tough match against Bruton School. Both U13 teams won in style and were moved to varying positions to make them work hard for the wins.  Bethany and Grace Trott were mentioned for a great wall of defence and Alice Greig shot brilliantly.

The U14 team won 22-21 in a thrilling encounter and it was great to see Maisie Craven-Smith back in the team assisting towards the great team effort.  The U15 team lost but never seemed to lose their enthusiasm and determination for the game.  Izzy Robinson takes her role as captain extremely seriously and prepares her team each week. 

The 1st and 2nd VII both had brilliant winning matches against Bruton School.  Tallulah Cope getting player of match for the 1st team.  The second team was close, but they held on  until the end to win by three goals.  A few changes in positions generated some different patterns of play and positive moments in both teams.

The hockey teams had a tough weekend, but in all cases some good parts to remember.  Harry Cole captain of the U13C team informed me that despite the loss he felt his team stuck together and gave their all.  Not a bad skill to learn.

Having watched Otto Rayes run for the 3rd XI around the pitch he should be very proud of his efforts.  He used every area of the hockey pitch and never let the amount of goals being scored ruin his work rate.

The U13A hockey side is young but determined.  A quote from a member of staff. ‘Whatever the score line reads at the end of the day I think the result doesn’t reflect the effort the team gave today. The improvement in the team has been immense and I think the future looks very bright.’

Some tough games for all.  Good to see two Year 6 children representing the senior teams and gaining the vote for player of the match; Maddy Burdess and William Candy.

We look forward to the 4 March and hope more positive comments will be recorded for hockey.  A pre-season letter for summer sports will be out this coming week.  Please sign up!

Mrs Butterworth, Assistant Director of Sport