Sports Day 2019

On Thursday 23rd May, in glorious sunshine, we held our annual Senior Sports Day. In a change to previous years, the event took place over the course of the whole day, with pupils competing in over 14 different events. The morning events kicked off bright and early at 9:30am with the field events. Pupils from all years were spread across Cold Harbour fields throwing and jumping their way to points for their house.

Who would it be this year, Arnold again, Ken or Denys? As the morning events started, it was clear to see the competitiveness had ramped up on previous occasions and the competition wasn’t going to be easily won.

The first track event of the day was the 1500m and although not the ideal day due to the warm weather for the middle distance runners, it was hotly contested. Leading it home for an early lead was Will Sharpe of Ken house for the Minor Boys. This set the tone for the morning, with Tom Campbell-Barnard running an outstanding race for the Junior Boys, and the Senior Boys being won by Ed Hall from Arnold in what was a fantastically run race. In the girls race, again some brilliant runs with Tilly Nickell winning the Minor Girls race, Maddie Nickell, the Junior Girls and Lexie Drake taking a fine win in the Senior Girls. The second track event of the day was the 800m and again some fine runs from all the pupils, 2 near misses for school records, which still stand from 1988.

As the morning went on, the field events were keenly contested with some outstanding performances. Megan Galpin winning the Inter Girls Javelin for the fourth year in a row, and setting another school record for the fourth year in a row. Will Sharpe in the High Jump setting a new school record for the Minor Boys of 1.38 metres, Ava Dempsey setting a new High Jump record for Minor Girls at 1.33 metres. A morning full of brilliant performances and we were only half way through.

In the afternoon the whole school gathered at Cold Harbour for the afternoon track events. On a perfect afternoon for sprinting it promised to be a day of much anticipation and some pupils were keen on pushing for school records.

The afternoon started with the 300 metres for the Minor age group and the 400 metres for the remainder of the school. Rufus Lyne and Emily Garner took the prize for the Minor 300 metres, AJ Bull and Maddie Nickell won the Juniors 400 metres, Josh Taylor and Maisie Craven-Smith won the Inter 400 meters and Ed Hall and Hattie Dunn winning the Senior 400 meters.

The elimination mile is always a great event and always fiercely contested. It is a very simple format, 2 runners male and female from each house start and only 4 remain. At the end of each lap the runner in last position is eliminated from the race. This is a team event, and across all 8 age categories it was Arnold who came out on top.

It was now getting to the point of the day were some of the school records were looking to be broken. In the Senior Boys, Robbie Maclean was looking for the 200 and 100 meter record. It was a superb race and Robbie fell less than 2 seconds short of two school records. Linus Luberichs was up for the Inter boy’s 100 meter record. The record had stood since 1995 at 11.86 and with new technology being used to ensure accurate timing the 6 runners in the Inter boy’s race were ready to go. In what was a fantastic race, Linus took the win and waited for the time. It took a few minutes for it to be verified by Mr Watts, but looking at the photo finish and confirming the time, Linus had set a new record of 11.79 seconds. This was a superb end to the individual track events, with only the relays to follow.

The 4×100 relays are a great event, pitting the fastest runners in all year groups against each other in a team event. Denys won the Minor Boys, Arnold won the Minor Girls, Ken won the Junior Girls and Denys the Junior Boys, Arnold won the Inter Boys and Denys the Inter Girls, Arnold won the Senior Girls and Ken the Senior Boys. I must mention that joining the Senior Boys race was a guest appearance from last years winners ‘The Staff’. In what was a completely different team to last year, it certainly showed. Going into the 3rd leg the staff were second, just. But as Mr Dixon was handed the baton he appeared to be a little behind and the staff ran in 4th out of 4. Plenty of discussion to where the staff lost it, but I will leave it for everyone who was there to judge for themselves.

Going into the last event of the day, the tug of war, there was only 35 points splitting the three houses. This year it was a mixed event with 5 boys and 5 girls from each house pulling for the win. Between the groups each house won one age category, with Arnold claiming two.

As the staff, pupils and parents were invited onto the track for the Open Mile, the scorers were quickly adding everything up and double, triple checking. As the Open Mile was completed the whole school, staff and parents gathered round to hear the results. Each individual Victor/Victrix Ludorum were presented their trophy by the Headmaster, and the winners are listed below, it was then time for Mr Watts to announce the overall winning house.

1st ARNOLD = 805 points

2nd KEN = 780 points

3rd DENYS = 690 points

It was a fantastic day of athletics and all the pupils who took part played a huge role in making it so enjoyable. There were some brilliant performances and those who broke school records, a big congratulations from us all. We look forward to next year. I would just like to say a huge thanks to all members of the PE department who without, wouldn’t have made it such a brilliant day. To the ground and maintenance team for making Cold Harbour look amazing and the catering team, for all your efforts a big big thank you from us all.

Victor/Victrix Ludorum 2019

Minor Boys – Will Sharpe & Rufus Lyne

Minor Girls – Ava Dempsey

Junior Boys – Sam Bell

Junior Girls – Maddie Nickell

Inter Boys – Linus Luberichs

Inter Girls – Maisie Craven-Smith & Charlotte Robinson

Senior Boys – Otto Rayes & Ed Hall

Senior Girls – Lucie Brinker