Year 6 pupils have been writing to their heroes as part of their English curriculum. 

The children thought about who inspired them and who they admired. Many chose to write to famous footballers, pop stars and even Sir David Attenborough. They have been eagerly awaiting replies, and this week a letter came through the post for Maddie Dempsey with a royal seal of approval.

Maddie had decided to write to the Queen as she is now our longest reigning monarch. Maddie has always admired the Queen and sacrifices Her Royal Highness has made for her country and people. She was truly delighted to receive the response from the Queen's Lady in Waiting earlier today as she opened the envelope in front of friends at the Prep School. This is a letter she will treasure for many years to come.

Pupils have also received wonderful letters back from JK Rowling, Bear Grylls, Mike Brown and David Attenborough.

Steph Sheppard, Head of Prep English said, “The art of letter writing seems to be a dying art as we increasingly rely on emails and texts. However, there is nothing nicer than receiving a letter through the post and here at Warminster Prep we ensure that children know how to write formal letters. The children enjoyed the anticipation of awaiting responses and were all excited as theirs arrived in the post.”