Spanish literary adventures

Spanish literary adventures

During last term’s Monday activities slot, three pupils worked very hard  to write and design a Spanish children’s book. The finished book, entitled Miguel el Mono en la Jungla de Sudamérica (Miguel the Monkey in the South American Jungle) tells the story of a Spanish monkey travelling across the sea to find new animal friends hidden in the jungle.

Of note is not only the extremely high quality of the Spanish language used in the book, but also the eye-catching and professional design. The pupils used published children’s books as examples during the design process, and should be very proud of the high standard of the finished result. Christian Folkesson (Year 11) said “Creating the book was a whole new experience for me, and even though I’m fairly capable in the computing field, it provided a new challenge which I enjoyed.”

Esther Kirrage (Lower Sixth) said “l loved every part of making the book for the Prep School, it was a great learning experience. As well as being able to pick up lots of new Spanish vocabulary while writing the book, the range of skills that we had to use such as being creative, working in a team and managing our time well I know will be extremely beneficial in the future.”

Having completed the book, the authors Esther, Christian and Ellie Braddick-Hughes (Year 9) went to read their finished book to a group of Year 3 and 4 pupils in the Prep School. 

The Prep School pupils were delighted to be read a book written especially for them, and were intrigued by the story, waiting patiently to find out what happened next! Christian said that the weeks of preparation “were worth it when we all experienced the Prep School pupils’ glee when we presented it.”

Through reading the book the Prep School pupils not only learned some key Spanish words, but also increased their understanding of how the Spanish-speaking world is far-reaching. 

Esther, Christian and Ellie should be very proud of their achievements, and I look forward to reading the sequel. Where will Miguel travel to next? 

Miss Georgia Mugridge
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages