The Sixth Form Christmas dinner took place in the dining hall on a chilly Friday night. Everyone looked amazing, gentlemen dressed in smart black tie and the ladies dressed in lovely dresses.

The evening started with jolly conversation as the main course was being prepared. The teachers received their food first, but suddenly a new member of catering staff had been spotted serving the delicious food. The Headmaster decided to help with the catering and serving of the food. The food being served was sublime, the pinnacle of food at Warminster School. A large selection of meat, vegetables and, of course, gravy. As people started to sit down you could hear the atmosphere building within the dining hall. A specific question that remains in my mind is Ross Melia asking ‘Where did these potatoes come from?’  As people polished off the main course, the catering staff had already prepared the magnificent dessert, which ranged from chocolate cake, to a festive Christmas loaf. Again the Headmaster proved his fantastic serving skills in giving every sixth former their desired choice!

We moved on to the main event, The Paper Plate Awards  – a big tradition of the Sixth Form dinner. It is customary for the Head Boy and Girl to give out the awards, which usually contain some sort of comedic or sentimental value towards the pupil collecting the award. The first plate was a heart warming Romeo and Juliet Award.  There were many nominees but there could only be one couple. Anneka Hart and Christian Folkesson were the worthy couple. The next paper plate had been done before and funnily enough the same pupil won it last year. The Common Room Karaoke Award,  of course, went to James Parks for his enthusiastic solos in time with the TV in the common room. The next award had to be given out by Mrs Nurdin. It was the Worst Driver Award,  and as soon as Claudia and I mentioned this award idea to Mrs Nurdin she instantly knew who to give it to as the award also came with a story. The pupil in question had recently passed his driving test and came into the Sixth Form office and told the members of staff. The same night Dr Horler-Underwood walked out the common room to find this particular pupil doing a u turn in the middle of the road. This award could only be given to Oliver Wilson. There are also two awards that go hand in hand, Best Dressed Girl  & Best Dressed Boy.  The winners of these awards were Millie Eden-Hamilton and Cian Luk, who consistently dress well in and out of school. My personal favourite, however, was The Gossip Girl Award  which went to George Elliott. These are only a few of the many awards given out, but it gives you a taster of how amusing they were.

As the dinner came to its conclusion, we congregated in Boniface Hall for the disco. As this is our final year, the Upper Sixth had a whole year photo, which will be used for the yearbook at the end of our school careers. I must end this report by saying thank you to all the catering department for the wonderful array of delicious food at the dinner. As well as a thank you to all the members of staff who gave up their evening to oversee the disco and celebrate the wonderful year it has been so far within the Sixth Form community.

Joshua Haines, Head Boy