All our sixth formers participate in a dedicated enrichment programme designed to help them to prepare for the transition to life after school. The programme lasts for the duration of the Sixth Form with key themes including successful integration into Sixth Form life, Higher Education preparation and information about the world of work. A packed programme, which includes an extensive lecture programme, residential weekends, study skills seminars, personal finance modules and social events, affords the opportunity to develop a whole range of skills such as leadership, resilience, independent enquiry and teamwork. There is also a mentoring programme that involves parents, alumni, staff and pupils, a dedicated tutorial programme which covers a range of PSHE-related topics, and a series of pupil-led enrichment groups and activities.

We are keen to ensure that all our pupils are provided with opportunities to excel and this reaches a new level in the Sixth Form where pupils are challenged to lead. A strong co-curricular programme based around over 70 clubs and societies allows sixth formers to develop their leadership skills whether it be taking a lead role in the CCF or in a drama production at the Edinburgh festival, captaining a county sports team, or serving as a delegate in the School’s Model United Nations society. These are but a few of course and we are keen to explore how each of our sixth formers can find their co-curricular niche.

Leadership opportunities

The Sixth Form at Warminster affords many opportunities to develop leadership skills. The prefect system allows pupils to work closely with staff to ensure that the School runs smoothly on a daily basis and to develop a programme of events for younger pupils.

In addition the School supports and encourages pupils in their attempts to access leadership programmes with pupils involved in a number of external training programmes.

As part of their enrichment programme, pupils in the Sixth Form are also encouraged to lead peer-mentoring groups, guiding others in developing skills or academic ability across a number of different areas. Recent initiatives have included ballroom dancing, programming, drama and languages for beginners.