Warminster pupils are lucky that our school offers not just the Diploma Programme within the IB, but also the Career-related Programme (IBCP).

For some pupils the more practical side of this qualification is a game-changer in a society that seems to demand ever more academic qualifications even for more practical and/or vocational career directions. With an IBCP qualification under their belt a young person can go out confidently into the workplace or indeed into some university courses if they wish.

The IBCP is a post-16 qualification which incorporates the values of the IB into a unique programme addressing the needs of pupils interested in career-related education. The programme leads to further/higher education, apprenticeships or employment. Pupils undertake academic study through IB Diploma Programme subjects, career-related study through Cambridge Technical courses, and they ‘learn how to learn’ and engage with real-world issues through the IBCP core. The course also includes a substantial amount of work experience in a career-related place of work. The IBCP Core, two Diploma Programme subjects and Career-Related study combined yields the equivalent UCAS points of 3.25 A Levels.

IBCP pupils are in the same IB classes as IBDP (Diploma Programme) pupils, promoting collaboration and the sharing of ideas. The IBCP is increasingly well-regarded by universities, including Kent, Canterbury Christ Church, Brighton, and UWE Bristol. The IBCP provides the required mixture of academic, personal and career-related development to prepare pupils for a fast-paced, ever-changing world which values work experience and knowledge more than ever.

IBCP Packages

There are many ways to approach the IBCP but three particular pathways emerge based on the CTECH offerings. These examples are not the only options but are illustrative of how the combinations could work: