Sixth Form life at Warminster School

Sixth Form life at Warminster School

Located right at the heart of school life is the newly refurbished Sixth Form Centre. It provides a focal point for the leisure time of busy Sixth Formers. Situated in the historic old theatre and adjacent to the Fives Court, recent investment has provided bright and spacious accommodation with comfortable, modern furniture to ensure that Sixth form pupils have a relaxing common room in which to mingle, chat and exchange stories of the school day.

Central to the experience is undoubtedly the best coffee machine available in the school and the prospect of a hot chocolate or a latte is an enticing allure after a challenging lesson or a competitive afternoon on the sports field. The new centre also provides a wonderful venue for parties and receptions and is run jointly by members of the School Prefect Team and the Sixth Form Committee. Emma Tizard, Head Girl, commented “The newly refurbished centre is wonderful. It is a great venue for us all to use during the school day and for social events. We are very fortunate to have great facilities here at Warminster School and supportive and experienced staff helping to prepare us for life beyond the school gates.”

Graeme McQueen, Head of Sixth Form, agrees: “Sixth Form is a crucial part of a pupil’s education as they prepare for adulthood and consider their next steps. At Warminster, we emphasise the development of character, values, leadership and service – vital in our current climate of increased graduate unemployment and competition for aspirational jobs. Pastorally, it is often at 16 to 18 that teenagers need the most support and guidance, as they prepare for adulthood, while academically it is the time when they decide their next step. Experienced, wise and up-to-date advice and counsel is essential.”

A choice of academic programmes, carefully put together with advice from experienced staff, allows pupils to prepare for qualifications suitable with their abilities and long term ambitions. Sixth Formers can choose between the traditional A Level programme or the highly rated International Baccalaureate Diploma, both of which continue to produce strong results at the school. Small tutor groups ensure pupils receive the advice, encouragement and expertise they need to excel and develop independence and self-belief for the future.

All Sixth Formers participate in the Transitions Programme, designed to help them make the most of the Sixth Form experience but also to prepare for the transition to life after school. The programme lasts for the duration of the Sixth Form with key themes including successful integration into Sixth Form life, higher education preparation and information about the world of work. A packed programme, which includes experiences such as residential weekends, study skills seminars, personal finance modules and social events, affords pupils the opportunity to develop a whole range of skills such as leadership, resilience, independent enquiry and teamwork.

Sixth Formers held a drinks reception for parents to introduce their new centre and the evening also involved challenging parents and the Headmaster to a very competitive game of table football! Current parent and former pupil, Mutamba McCormack, stated “This is such a fabulous space for the Sixth Formers. I was delighted to have been invited to attend the launch and to see the very impressive facilities available in the centre. It’s a remarkable refurbishment and such good use of a beautiful building. I was quite envious when I walked into the centre to see the stunning transformation since we only had the use of a small room when I was in the Sixth Form – but I am really pleased with the deserved recognition of Warminster’s Sixth Form and the special attention the school is extending to this dual year group.”