The last few weeks have seen a busy time for the MFL department with many exciting events on offer. A French play and a Spanish play made the time for our young linguists truly exciting. 

We were delighted to welcome back the European Theatre Company Onatti to perform a French play for our pupils in Years 3-6. We were also joined by a number of pupils from Chafyn Grove Prep School and Princecroft Primary School.  Two actors from the company put on a highly entertaining play entitled “Shipwrecked en France”.  Pupils were on the edge of their seat, rocking with laughter at the hilarious escapades on show in the Thomas Arnold Hall. As well as being very funny, the show offered an opportunity for our pupils to engage in some authentic French and pick up some great linguistic structures! All our pupils made the most of the experience and many got really involved! It was fantastic to see the pupils being so immersed in the language. All pupils from all three schools seemed to get a lot out of the experience.

Sophie Kibble and Jessica Fortune (Year 6) commented: “The play was really funny and got everyone laughing. It was about a boy who went to France on a holiday and got lost in his rubber dingy. The boy couldn’t speak French so he asked us to help him. We understood quite a lot of the French. It was amazing. Thank you for organising it.”

Pupils in Years 8-11 were also treated to a hilarious Spanish play '¿Cuántos me gustan tienes?' in the TA Hall, put on by the European Theatre Company Onatti. The play was extremely entertaining and everybody agreed that the performance was a great success.

Archie Fogg in Year 9 had this to say about the play: “The Spanish play was really good. The play was really funny and I liked that they involved the audience. Although I didn't understand all of the Spanish, the actors showed, through their acting, what the words meant. I really enjoyed the show and I hope that everyone else who watched it enjoyed it too.“

Both companies did an amazing job at presenting the show in a way that all pupils were able to understand much of the foreign languages spoken on stage. Everybody agreed that the performances were absolutely amazing and we are already looking forward to the next MFL plays.

Mrs. Rogers, Head of MFL