Pupil to pupil mentoring at Warminster is central to our school ethos and what better way to nurture this than to encourage our young pupils to share their enthusiasm with their Prep counterparts. This term, all our Lower School tutor groups are each spending a tutor time slot reading with Year 4. Recently, it was the turn of Petero Masala, our Year 7 Heads-Up! Hack, and he shares his experience with us.

“I recently visited the Prep School with my tutor group, 7ACG, and had a lovely time reading with Year 4 pupils. They did too! Personally, at first, I felt quite nervous about saying a word incorrectly in front of a younger child but once I had started, I felt a lot more relaxed. This is a great activity to do, just sitting down with a younger child and reading. It strengthens your bond with the child and builds up their reading skills and maybe your own too.

We read in the Year 4 tutor base and the Library. Sam and Callum did a ‘7-plus Trivia’ quiz with Archie. Amelia, Year 4, got to complete a book she was reading. Everyone got to read newspapers. Oreste got to do a Sudoku, and in the Library, Sam and Ed read in a circle with two Year 4 pupils passing the book around the table.”

Here are some quotes from our senior and Prep school pupils. Max said to Barnaby “You’ve got a big imagination.”  Nancy said that she loved reading. “The Year 4s were so good at reading and there weren’t a lot of words they didn’t know how to say.” Bronwen and Lola said, “I like listening to them read. They were very good at reading ghost stories.” Max said, “Barnaby read a horror story from his English book. He’s been reading Harry Potter since Christmas and is now on page 360!” Sam said, “It was good fun. I expected to be nervous. As soon as I started reading, it was fine.”

Our Year 7 pupils looked at photos of themselves on the wall in the Prep School corridor. “I looked so small,” said John. “Freddie looks tiny in this photo – maybe because he was buried.”

At the Prep school, 7ACG had a wonderful time.

Petero Masala, Year 7 Heads-Up! Hack