Warminster School strongly believes that sport is a key component of an all-round education. We believe that sport plays an extremely important role in preparing our pupils for the future. Alongside keeping fit and understanding the need for a healthy lifestyle, sport at Warminster School helps our pupils develop their understanding of the importance of teamwork, commitment, responsibility and leadership; all of which will help equip the pupils for life beyond the school gates.

Sport is delivered through a well-organised and balanced programme which incorporates the skills required to enable pupils to attain their potential. Warminster is an inclusive school and believes firmly that every pupil should be encouraged to fulfil their potential and therefore all pupils are given the opportunity to represent the School in sport. Regardless of whether they play for the first or fourth team their contribution is acknowledged and celebrated.

At Warminster we believe in participating in sport to the best of our ability. We aim to win as many matches as we can and consequently work hard in all training sessions. We are realistic and know that there are times when we will come up against better opposition; in these situations we learn from our mistakes and turn the negative of losing into a positive of learning and being better prepared next time. Sport can be seen to represent life and we want our pupils to be prepared to face the ups and downs that life will throw at them; hence the pupils must learn to deal with disappointment and come back better, faster and more skilful next time!

At the heart of Warminster School are our key fundamentals that we believe bring out the best in our players, and we strive to ensure each is covered in every session we teach:

  • Ensure fun and enjoyment for all 
  • Reduce coach talk in each session when possible
  • Maximise number of touches per player per session
  • Introduce as much game play as possible
  • Build and enthuse pupil leadership
  • Master fundamental techniques and skills

We have excellent coaches across all sports and all levels at Warminster who are committed to our key foundations and who continually strive to bring out the best in all individuals while insisting upon sportsmanship at all times, an important quality in competitive sport. All of our coaches have access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) internally and externally in addition to ‘safe practice’ seminars on an annual basis.


At Warminster we believe in fostering and encouraging opportunities for all. Every pupil will be given the chance to maximise their full sporting potential and to represent the School in competitive interschool fixtures from as early as Year 2.


We offer a bespoke programme (WASP), for our elite athletes and sportsmen and women not on scholarships. During their time at Warminster they are trained and supported by a team of highly skilled professionals. We value the pursuit of excellence through both personal development and teamwork.


At Warminster School our sport scholars are at the heart of what we do on and off the sports fields. As a scholar they are expected to lead from the front and demonstrate a level of professionalism in everything they do.

As a school certain privileges are given, with designated time given to enhance their all-round sporting skills and knowledge. Each scholar is given a personal mentor who will guide them through the school years, and be on hand to offer advice and guidance on how to be the best. Scholars have access to our Health & Well-Being coach, and they have sessions with her throughout the week, working on the personalised training programmes. Our school Physiotherapist enables us to monitor all our pupils, but she also works with scholars educating them on biomechanics, injury management and prevention to give a real understanding of how to get the best out of yourself. A scholars lecture programme runs throughout the course of the year in a vast array of topics, again providing our scholars with the best possible chance to succeed in sport when the leave the school.


We fully support and encourage a strong balance between academia and sport. At Warminster, we strongly believe that sport plays a vital role in building strength of character and instilling lifelong habits of discipline that lead to a healthy and well-rounded individual.


Warminster engages on a regular basis with the local community through its strong primary school links and specialist masterclass sessions. Links are formed and nurtured between the School and local clubs and our pupils are encouraged to join them and play for them as appropriate. Many local sports clubs share our facilities when they are not in use by the School.

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