Warminster School Library reflects our commitment to inspire a life-long love of learning in those around us. It’s a place for serious independent study and reading for pleasure; a context within which to be intellectually curious, to think more, to read more and to discuss more.

With more than 10,000 books and an up to date stock of journals and magazines, it fosters a culture where pupils are encouraged to read widely.

Pupils are found in the Library at all hours of the school day and are helped by a full time librarian and an assistant who are on hand to give advice and support.

Staff give high priority to encouraging pupils to use the library and to read by putting on a wide variety of events and activities during the year – book fairs, termly quizzes, recommended reading lists for year groups and academic subjects, and much more.

The Library provides a special atmosphere conducive to independent learning and academic excellence.  It is a quiet haven in which to work or relax with a novel.  It has a silent Sixth Form area, tables where pupils can work together and easy chairs for relaxed reading.

Fostering a genuine love of reading, for pleasure and purpose is what the Library is all about.  The librarian works closely with teaching staff to ensure that library resources meet pupil needs.  Online resources are available 24/7 whether pupils are at school or at home.

For more information, please contact our librarian.