Religious Studies at Warminster School is as much about discovering and establishing yourself as a person as it is learning about the world religions. It is about knowing what you think, and being able to explain yourself in light of the views of others. We encourage pupils to be open-minded, seek knowledge and be critical in order to make more informed choices. We respect a child’s right to learn with an open mind and give them the tools to think for themselves, questioning how we know what we know. We believe it is important that we fire children’s curiosity and never limit their questioning.

The course in Years 7-9 looks at a range of religious, ethical and philosophical issues, such as what it means for something to be religious. Moreover, RS at Warminster School makes close links between religious issues and themes from other subjects, particularly history and politics, in order to help pupils make sense of the stories and topics of both national and global importance that come up in the news. At GCSE and A Level the department follows the OCR Religious Studies courses.

Facilities Available

The Religious Studies department has a range of resources for pupils to use, such as textbooks, artefacts, relevant books for further reading, and ICT. 

Examination boards

The Religious Studies department at Warminster School currently follows the OCR examination board for A Level and iGCSE R.S. for GCSE.  For GCSE, the department has pupils studying Christianity and Islam.